Jo - Edinburgh

“After years of using spray on anti perspirants that temporarily left me feeling fresh but never actually stopped me sweating or stopped the dreaded body odour I was so embarrassed about (and left nasty stains on my clothes) I had basically given up on finding an effective deodorant. I tried Daoe because I’d never used a natural deodorant before but I was convinced it wouldn’t work - how could it when all the biggest brands maximum protection products had failed? The first day I wore it I went for a walk with my 8 month old strapped onto my chest in a sling. It was a hot day and I worked up a sweat walking about, rowing on a lake, and playing with my kids. By the end of the day I had definitely got sweaty BUT I still smelled fresh. I couldn’t believe it! I actually asked my husband to smell me to make sure and yup - fresh as first thing in the morning. Since then I’ve been totally converted and trust Daoe because I’m confident it will keep me fresh.